Monitoring & integration

For monitoring, control and integration projects we use IBMs Node-RED. Node-RED is an extremely powerful platform on which to build real time applications. This includes integration of wired and wireless sensors networks, PLCs, automation and monitoring systems to cloud, enterprise systems.

We have developed nodes for KNX and EnOcean building automation protocols and use a mix of MQTT, REST and Web sockets for services integration.

M2M Gateways

For Cellular M2M we use Multitech’s new Conduit Gateway which is an extremely versatile and robust industrial device for remote monitoring and control applications.

Conduit supports GPIO, serial coms along with LoRa wireless via it’s built in expansion card architecture. Which makes it a perfect fit for cloud enabling existing systems and wide area sensor networks.

Cloud platforms

For multi site monitoring systems we use a real-time and historical data store on InfluxDB. From the cloud data store we used hosted Node-RED from to perform event processing and integration to your back-end or CRM system. Both platforms provide 24/7 operation through automated fail-over and data redundancy. For visual overview please see our solutions stack.   

Controllers & PLCs

We use micro PLCs for time critical applications and we have created a layer of intelligence which runs alongside using our Web based Dashbaord-HMI and cellular gateway. This allows us to build rugged cloud connected control systems from industry standard devices that engineers and techs. feel right at home with.

Fieldbus protocols

We’ve many years experience working with a range of industrial, BA and AV protocols.
Modbus TCP/serial
– RS232 & RS485 serial devices (ASCII/Binary)


We define the IIoT as “internet architecture and practices applied to the built & industrial environments”. But for us it’s more than that it’s about combining and enhancing existing technologies like PLC’s, industrial sensors (4-20mA loops etc.) and building controls to create connected infrastructure.


– Analog:  0-5v, 0-10v & 4-20mA
– Digital:   volt free, DC & AC voltage

Application areas

– Industrial
– Smart buildings
– Utilities
– Manufacturing