Our solution stack

Over the last few years we’ve been testing a whole range of technologies and cloud services. Working with a key group of partners we now have a solution offering from device to enterprise systems and the cloud.


Device to Web service

From remote IO or fieldbus to web service via REST or Web sockets. We’ve done just this by integrating hardwired devices to KNX using WEINZIERL web services gateway.

Sensor or device to Cloud

From a field device via Gateways to, your CRM, back office or cloud service of your choice, such as Salesforce. Via REST or MQTT.

The hard end

We’re a little bit different for other’s operating in the M2M & IIoT space it that we are very much at home at the hard end.

We can read a P&ID diagram, wire a control panel, we understand intrinsic safety, how to control drives & pumps. We also be know that “three phase” is electrical thing not some variant of agile development!

“We are increasingly working with service delivery organisations and large end users in the use of the IIoT for solutions where traditional approaches would prove too costly.”

Design & Development

System design & architecture

We’ve just completed a proof of concept design for major technical services company to monitor track circuits (signals) on rail infrastructure using a wide area (LPWAN) sensor network.

Control & monitoring system

We’ve designed and built a multi site wireless lighting systems using EnOcean sensors, actuators and a Node-RED gateway that incorporates an a time scheduler and web services to a mobile App.

Device & Cloud application development

For one client we’ve created a rugged time and attendance system for use on construction sites. The solution integrates to a cloud platform, removing the need for time sheet entry along with providing real time status of who’s on site and who’s not!

Web Apps for industrial systems

Many small control systems either use hard to maintain HMI’s or require light weight SCADA functionality. We have developed a solution that works on smart phones, tables and the office PC. Our HIM’s can run locally on site or in the cloud providing real time status, control and trending.