“We are a core group of associates who have spent many years working together. We draw inspiration from the great engineers & designers of the world, lean start-up and design thinking.

We combine control and monitoring systems with the internet of things (IIoT) and the cloud to create connected infrastructure.”

Lawrence Griffiths

I’m a solution architect, which is an IT term, for a technical generalist who understands business need and who designs technology solutions to meet them.

I’ve also spent over thirty years working with Things, used to monitor the safety of oil platforms, run coffee factories and manage smart buildings & data centers.

Having a young child I’m very interested in how physical computing can help make STEMs learning fun.


Over time I’ve worked with brilliant engineers, designers and programmers. These collaborations have taught me that good products and IT systems are always a result of clear thinking made usable.  And at their core is the customer or user who benefits.

Voluntary work:

I volunteer with a very deserving charity Designability (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering). With whom I’ve worked with to design smarthome solutions for people suffering from Dementia.


​Building automation:

We partner with LemonQ Solutions who have over 10 years electrical, building automation and access control experience. They are a certified KNX Partner.

​Industrial automation:

Our PLC & SCADA partner is Logic Systems who specialise in Rockwell Automation controllers and In-touch HMI systems they work in a range of sectors including manufacturing, utilities and waste management.


Multitech Inc.​ has been in the communications business for over 40 years. And is now at the forefront of connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.